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Haldor Abissi Watch: How They Made It 'Swiss-Made?For Under ?00

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Have you ever asked yourself why, in the vast world of dive watches, there are not more "Swiss-Made?automatic dive replica watches at a reasonable price? There are certainly a number of decent brands that make fine products. One would expect that the variety would bring down the prices. But "reasonably priced?is often not the name of the game in this sector. The peculiarity of only high-priced dive replica watches available sparked in us ?a group of fake watch professionals and enthusiasts ?an interest. We asked ourselves: is it possible to build a top-grade Swiss-Made dive fake watch at a reasonable price? The answer to the "fairly priced?question took 4 years and considerable resources. But finally, in November 2015, the last pieces fell into place, and we are proud to present ?the Haldor Abissi.

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Long story short, we found out that not only we can build a high-quality, certified product for the same prices as other brands, but we can even substantially lower the retail price of the timepiece. Although we had opportunities to develop our product under already established brand names, we took the rather bold decision to build a new brand from scratch. This would give us freedom in design, market positioning, and overall brand recognition.

Haldor is a Scandinavian name, derived from the Old Norse words "hallr,?which means "rock,?and "Thor,?the "god of thunder?in Norse mythology.

Our story began in 2009 when we started searching for the right partners to create our own fake watch brand. It took us 4 years to find and sign all the agreements for cooperation with external companies and partners. In 2013, we formalized our commitment with the incorporation of the company and started working full-time on the project.

We invested considerable resources into the design and development of the Haldor Abissi timepiece and are proud of the final result! We knew from the beginning that the level of expertise and professionalism of our partners had to be top notch. Our demands were very high, and the whole process was no walk in the park. We queried over a dozen of companies to identify the best fit for our project. They host the manufacturing for the most famous Swiss and German brands. So we at Haldor replica watches are extremely confident the Haldor Abissi will meet your needs.

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Although the design is what most fake watch enthusiasts see first, it's not where the process of making a new model starts. Before the size of the case, the shape of the hands, the thickness of the sapphire crystal?is the actual centerpiece of the device: the movement. We could opt for a number of decent quality manufacturers, that would nicely fit into the expected price range of our product, but we didn't want compromises. Therefore, the choice was obvious. We choose the most commonly used automatic movement in Swiss brands like Tudor, Tag Heuer, Breitling, and many others: the ETA 2824-2 automatic movement.

There was a very limited quantity on the market, and the retail price was too high. This was not acceptable for us, because it would increase the final price of our product. And, as we are a micro brand, we couldn't afford it.

The solution was in our Swiss manufacturing company. As a professional company according to the strict rules of Swiss watchmaking, they were able to supply us a limited quantity of Swiss-Made ETA 2824-2 movements at price which was suitable for us. We still had to make a full payment in advance and wait for a long delivery time. But we are here for a long-run project, so we did it!

But we still wanted our fake watch to be more special. We wanted it extremely accurate! A standard ETA 2824-2 movement keeps time with +/-12 seconds per day, with a maximum daily variation of 30 seconds, according to ETA specifications. But you will still find Swiss-Made replica watches on the market with ETA 2824-2 movements keeping time about -+20s/d.

We decided to adjust the already very accurate ETA 2824-2 movement to a Top Grade level. The 2824-2 is an automatic-winding, twenty-five-jewel movement, available in four grades: Standard, Elaborated (improved), Top, and Chronometer.

To illustrate the differences in accuracy garnered by the successive grades, consider the following specifications:

Haldor Abissi, our first product, is as accurate as a COSC Chronometer! This is possible when an ETA 2824-2 movement is adjusted in 5 positions to a Top Grade level.

Check out the results:

You can see that the accuracy of Haldor Abissi is about +4.5s/d with a maximum daily variation of 7sec. The results are fascinating, and we are proud of them. Each fake watch supplied by Haldor replica watches will pass the quality control and water pressure tests. Every single fake watch will be adjusted to a top grade level, which will come with the accuracy that the technical data show in the photo. We guarantee out-of-the-box accuracy of about +4s/d. How many dive replica watches can claim that?!

By "Swiss Made,?we are not referring only to the Swiss movement. We mean that all our products will have Swiss-Origin certificate. So our replica watches are manufactured in Switzerland according to the strict rules of Swiss watchmaking, from the preliminary stages to the assembly of each component, as well as quality and technical controls.

Want to know more? We made a Swiss-Made automatic fake watch with a technical specification similar to high-end brands at price level interesting both for enthusiasts and more demanding customers.

If you are interested in our product, please check out our pre-order Indiegogo campaign here. You have the chance to pre-order this fantastic fake watch starting from ?00. The retail price thereafter will be ?50. You are welcome to join us on Haldor replica watches Facebook page and Twitter. haldorwatches.com

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